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What is foaming printing?
Foaming printing, also known as three-dimensional printing, is a printing process with special effects.After printing the resin coating color paste containing foaming agent on the fabric, after high temperature steaming, the printed pattern will start to bubble, showing a relief effect.

Foaming three-dimensional printing refers to the addition of a foaming agent plastic resin to the printing paste, and the foaming agent decomposes after high-temperature melting and drying. When the gas is released, the printing paste expands to form a three-dimensional pattern, and the coating is fixed by the resin to obtain color and The three-dimensional effect of foaming.According to the process, one is to print the foaming paste directly, and the other is to press and print on the foaming paste with an elastic transparent paste to blow dry after the foaming paste has been printed and blow-dried. The foaming temperature is generally 110°C, the time is 30 seconds, and the 80-100 mesh screen is used for printing.

The foaming printing process is developed on the basis of the glue printing process. Its principle is to add a certain proportion of high expansion coefficient chemical substances to the glue printing dye, and use 200-300 for the printing position after drying. High-temperature foaming at a high temperature can achieve a three-dimensional effect similar to "relief". The foam printing process can achieve high, medium and low foaming effects depending on the requirements of the substrate.The biggest advantage of the foaming printing process is that it has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the printing surface is prominent and swelling. It is widely used in materials such as cotton cloth and nylon cloth.

Foaming printing paste has been developed into two series, physical foaming paste and chemical foaming paste. Physical foaming paste is mainly a preparation containing microcapsules. The microcapsule preparation contains organic solvents with a low boiling point. When the temperature rises The organic solvent in the microcapsule preparation vaporizes quickly, swelling the microcapsules, and the swollen microcapsules are squeezed into each other, resulting in irregular overlapping distribution, so the surface is uneven, so it is also called fleece printing.There are two types of chemical foaming paste: one is color paste composed of thermoplastic resin and foaming agent, and the other is color paste composed of polyurethane and solvent thickener. However, the solvent in the printing paste on the latter fabric needs to be recovered, which brings certain difficulties to the printing plant, and the former is generally adopted.